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Olathe, Kansas

Water Softeners and other Water Treatment Systems in Olathe, KS

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Culligan Water Filtering and Bottle Water Delivery for home and office

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Water Softeners and Drinking Water Filters for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Water Softener

You will have Softer Skin, cleaner clothes, and cleaner water for washing your car.

  • Enjoy and softer skin, cleaner dishes and cleaner clothes
  • Save money on soap & laundry cleaners
  • High efficieny water systems that last a very long time appliances
  • Our (HE Models) are the world's
    most energy effcient systems

Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy the delicious taste of clean water by installing a drinking water system in your home or office

  • Constant supply of purified water
  • Use for plants, pets, cooking, drinking and more
  • We offer specialized filters that
    will fit all conditioners

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled Water as it compares to spring water and distilled water facts
  • Delicious Bottled Water for your home or office
  • Easy setup of Bottled Water Machine
  • Save the Environment by using a Bottled Water machine
  • On call friendly water experts
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robert rishworth author

Our Water Expert Robert Rishworth's Opinion Column:

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Water Filtration for Quality Drinking Water

Water Treatment through EDI, Demineralization & Dechlorination

The world of water treatment can be a very confusing place.  Just because a company sells a piece of water treatment equipment does not mean they are experts about it.  The one thing that I have learned is that it’s not just about the equipment you are buying or renting and equally important is the company or individual providing the service and support.  Remember good things are never cheap, and cheap things are never good.  Certain subjects like ion exchange, water softening and demineralization are simple in concept and relatively easy to perform.  However some water purification processes such as EDI, aeration, and ultrafiltration are not only complicated but also very sensitive to preexisting water conditions, expectation, and specs required for the job to be performed.  And then there are water treatments that require tanks or cartridges that need exchanging such as DI water, dechlorination and ultrafiltration.  I’m sure you have probably heard the phrase “Jack of all trades…but master of none”.  This is especially true with water purification equipment.  For example a water company who specializes in DI Water, ultra filters and aeration may not be experts when it comes to residential demineralization or water softening.  And this is where comes in.  We have a network of water companies who specialize in products and services that you are looking for.  It’s easy to find a website that looks great and makes a great sales pitch.

ultrafiltration of water
There is nothing more costly that getting the wrong piece of equipment from the wrong company or person.  We take out many year of experience with Electrodeionization (EDI), ion exchange, aeration, ultra filters, DI water, dechlorination,  demineralization, water softener and Ultrafiltration and put that experience to work for you!  Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.  We are not here to sell you anything, our job it to make you we put you in contact with a specialized, qualified water company who specializes in products and service that you are looking for.  We are also here to answer any questions you have about just about anything water related.  Cost and budget are always a concern, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a company make a choice because it was “cheap” only to have to scrap all the equipment down the road because it was low quality or could not be upgraded.  And in the end that “cheap” choice ended up costing the customer twice as much as what they originally thought was “expensive”.  It’s ok to make mistakes, but your way better off learning from other peoples mistakes and saving yourself a costly mishap.  Some equipment to be especially cautious about is EDI just because it looks so great on paper but the real world results can vary so much. 

salt for a water softener
The same is also true with water softeners because all softeners essentially work the same, but since salt is the one item you will always need efficiency and reliability is the name of the game.  And there is always the possibility that the product or service you think is the best solution may not be the best solution at all.  We offer certified water testing 100% non-biased because we do not sell any water treatment equipment.  This is like having your credit report and credit score with you when going to buy it car, it puts you in power and makes you that you are in charge and fully informed.  We are also for a limited time offering a Free Water Testing Kit so that you may test your water supply yourself. Please give us a call to see how we can help you and we are confident that we can connect you with a specialized water dealer in your area to take care of all your water needs.

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