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The Culligan Drinking Water System (RO System) is one of the best water filtration systems you can buy on the market. It is a 4 stage filtration system that can be installed under your kitchen sink for clean and delicious tasting water. Common uses of the drinking water system are for cooking and drinking.

Customer reviews:

Love my Culligan Drinking Water System – by , March 27, 2013

5/5 stars 5 stars
The water from my sink has never tasted and looked so clean. The drinking water system was exactly as described.

Reliable Drinking Water System – by March 26, 2013

5/5 stars 5 stars

A professional Culligan water expert came out to my house to install the drinking water system. While he was here, the service man answered all of my questions and was thorough in explaining how the system worked.

Hey Culligan Man – by March 27, 2013

5/5 stars 5 stars

I have been running my drinking water system that I ordered from calling the number at the top of the page and the thing hasn’t given me any problems, my water still taste as fresh as the first day the drinking water sytem was installed.

Product Review:

Every now and then there are a few new products that come out that deserve special mentioning. Culligan has a long history of making quality reverse osmosis drinking water systems but their new model called the Aqua-Cleer ® has really raised the bar on features and benefits. All reverse osmosis drinking water systems essentially work the same: micron filter, carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane and a final carbon polishing filter. Reverse Osmosis is very effective but there are still some contaminants and water impurities that get through the RO membrane like chloramines. To keep this article short and to the point chloramines are put in our water supplies to act as a disinfectant. Back in the day only chlorine was used but chlorine when mixed with organic matter forms VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals) which is not a good thing. So the water plants decided to use part chlorine and part ammonia to reduce the chances of VOC’s being formed. To make a long story short most reverse osmosis drinking water systems have a very hard time getting rid of the ammonia part in our water. The chlorine is generally taken out by a carbon or activated carbon filter but getting out the ammonia is a whole other story. I’m not here to scare you or make medical claims but I highly recommend you to go to Google or any search engine and type in “the dangers of chloramines” and see what comes up. It’s important that always maintains our credibility so we will let you do that research part on your own. What is special about Culligan’s new Aqua-Cleer ® filter system is that they now have an additional filter called the “Total Defense” filter. This filter uses centaur carbon and is placed after the RO membrane.

You see most carbon does not take out ammonia from our water, at the moment only centaur carbon does and the water has to flow through the centaur carbon very slowly. The water flows through pretty fast on pre carbon filters that come before the RO membrane. But for the centaur carbon to work the water must flow very slowly. The way this system works on the new Culligan unit is water first goes to a micron filter, then an activated carbon filter, then the RO membrane, then the Total Defense filter (centaur carbon) then to a holding tank and finally through a carbon polishing filter before it ends up in your glass. Culligan has found a very cool way of integrating this “Total Defense” filter because it looks like it was meant to be part of the water system rather than being an after though add on piece. The reverse osmosis membrane on a typical filter system for homes will make roughly 1-2 gallons of water per hour.

The new Total Defense centaur carbon filter run after the RO membrane which means the water flowing through the total defense filters flows through it very slowly. It is only because of this very slow flow rate that the centaur carbon is able to remove the chloramines and most importantly the ammonia. Ammonia is a very common cleaning chemical with a very strong smell…you don’t have to go to college to come to the conclusion that ammonia is not meant for drinking…even in small amounts. Another really cool aspect of Culligan’s new drinking water system is that every time you change the filters you literally change the whole filter element. When I first say these I thought to myself “what a waste of plastic” but I was definitely wrong about that. With most drinking water systems you change the filter inside the plastic housing. But it’s very common for things to get pretty nasty and dirty inside those plastic housings, after all this makes sense because this is where junk is being collected and taken out of the water….the key thing here is to remember to recycle. The new Culligan filters come with a new plastic housing and filter that is all included and you simply twist off and put on a new one. This offers a great deal of sanitary improvements and really helps keep your whole water system clean with minimal chances of bacteria and issues. When you are shopping for a reverse osmosis drinking water system make sure to see proof that the system you are looking at is proven to remove chloramines and ammonia. Chloramines and ammonia are moving to the front line of water awareness and the health issues related to them are sure to increase as time goes on. If you have any questions please give us a call or send us an email.

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Culligan Drinking Water System – Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis

rated 5 / 5

based on 3 reviews

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